I am developing a site that has scrolling images under a static image. (cut-out of woman). I need to nail down the static image so it does not move when resizing the browser or when clicking from page to page.

The only work around I could find is to posistion the static image on loading. "onload="LoadLocation();" onresize="LoadLocation()"

This works ok, but the static image jumps or jerks into position.
Any ideas out there? I'm fresh out of work-arounds on this one...
Thanks, Rick
Test site:

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I think what you have done is fine mate, I doubt anyone will care if it does that. I am a perfectionist but even that wouldn't bother me. Internet connections are getting faster and so pages load quicker, in a years time this probably won't even be noticable.

I can't think of anything else you could really do...


Thanks for the reply. While I agree this particular client will definitely complain. I am trying to figure out how to hide the image on-load and have it appear when fully loaded.
Create a script to have it fade in on load.
Let me know if you have done something similar.


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