I would like to use in a specific place a specific bullet style with a specific color.
Currently I'm using:

<SPAN style="COLOR: #DD440F;FONT-FAMILY: Wingdings;mso-fareast-font-family: Wingdings;mso-bidi-font-family: Wingdings">v</SPAN>fdsfdsfds<br>

You can see it in my website under "Main Menu" (on the left side of the page).
But I would like to use it as a bullet, like in this example:

<UL TYPE="square">
<LI><A HREF="Business_Plan.htm">Business Plan</A> <BR><BR>
<LI><A HREF="Financing_Resources.htm">Finance 
<LI><A HREF="Networking.htm">Business Connections (Networking)</A> <BR><BR>
<LI><A HREF="Time_Management.htm">Effective Time Management</A> <BR><BR><BR><BR>

What should I put instead of "squre"?
Do I have to add anything in style.css file? If yes what?


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Those bullets appear as small red letter "v" on your page in Firefox.

With HTML 3.2, which you appear to be using, you have only 3 bullet types, and the browser will render each as it sees fit. See this reference.

CSS has nothing to do with that, though you can use CSS and a background image to simulate custom bullets. A web search for "CSS bullets" should show you plenty on the topic.


I'm using HTML 4.0 , Are there any more options beyond "disc","squere" and "circle" in this version?

No. Again, those bullet styles are part of the spec, and will be rendered according to how each browser sees fit. If you want custom bullets, use images. Even in 4.0, the "TYPE" attribute is deprecated.

The new way is to use images, as I've mentioned. This is a good article on "taming lists" with CSS.

Thanks again for the help and for your paitient;)

I have also seen the code described on this post which is really nice and very useful for so many peoples.As per the CSS bullet style concern you can also use the "circle" instead of "square". According to me you can easily add in style.css such as background color and also add the background images.

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