I need help figuring out why a web page is jumping down in IE when the browser windows width is shortened. My clients have very small monitors and the webpage jumps down about an inch .
Please HELP!!

We really need to see a working page so we can identify the problem.

My guess is that there is some object that is getting moved to a different position and is bumping everything else down.

Several possibilities:

1. The vertical scroll bar appeared when enough of the paged loaded to make it longer than the screen, and it knocked objects around or shortened line lengths (causing text to wrap).

2. An image finished loading, and it is larger or smaller than the initial space the browser left on the screen for it.

3. You have code with the text fill-in cursor jumping to a place which is not on the screen. The screen scrolls so the cursor appears.

4. There is an ad on the page, and it is "selfish", scrolling the page to be visible.

5. A flash, script, or other slideshow has images of different sizes.