Hey all. Does anyone knows where to get some tutorials of HTML? Or someone willing to teach about HTML please kindly send a PM and include your contact or reply here. Your help willl be appreciated. Thank you.


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Thanks. Anyway, do you teach? Or if I've got questions how can I contact you?

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I do not teach, I am of course not a teacher. I am a high school student and don't have time to teach someone personally and I think neither anyone else have. I am not being rude but that what the fact is. In fact these tutorials are well written and are aimed at teaching people and nothing else.

It's obvious that you may get some problems while learning you don't have solution/explanation to it then you could post here at Daniweb anytime and we are always available for help. Posting your problem here would benefit other people too who face same problem in future. So no need to contact me somewhere else. Here's where you could find me.

Google the phrase "html tutorials" and tons of stuff will pop up. Good luck!

Well, thanks all. But I already found a good one. Thanks anyway! ^^

Also, for now use a text editor like notepad. Dont use WYSIWIG editors or you wont learn

Well, I'm always using text editor and I never try WYSIWIG before. Beside, just knew what's WYSIWIG, got from WiKipedia. Thanks for your information. :)

Sorry i just kinda assumed you know what that meant or else I would have provided an explaination. ;)

Nah.. It's okay. I knew it now. Thanks anyway. You know, I'm still a novice though I've been playing computer games since young. I just started in Web Developing and Software Developing. I still need lots of help. Thanks anyway. :)

And if have any suggestion such as any must-do or must-learn for beginner please don't hesitate to tell. Thanks. :)

I was much the same (i grew up on dos and windows 3.1)

Its a good idea to start learning CSS while you are learning HTML. CSS isnt all that hard although it may look like it.

Well, thanks.

notepad 2 is good as it highlights the code according to its use.

Where to get Notepad 2?

Thanks anyway, I already got Notepad 2.

Anyway, anymore suggestions?

Myspace has awesome tutorials for HTML, that's how I learned everything I know about it. ;)

how about HTML video tutorials free ones...?

I don't know about videos, but there are several websites that you can go to find what you're looking for.

Cool site.

Thanks all!

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