I am wanting to create a form for a website that people fill in the required fields and then click subnit. When the person clicks submit I would like for the info to be sent to an email address. I know it is probably pretty simple, but I am new to all of this. So if someone could get me moving in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi, can you provide a little more information? is it a basic HTML form you are wishing to create? or is it using php or even aspx?

for a simple HTML form try:

[form action="mailto:youraddress@test.com"
First name:
[input type="text" name="firstname"]
Last name:
[input type="text" name="lastname"]
[input type="submit" value="Submit"]
[/form]for the required fields try looking up some simple javascript to vaildate the form fileds the submit button is pressed.


Your Web host probably has a mail script already installed on their server for you to use. Most give you some documentation on how to use it as well.

After the person puts in the info to the form and click submit. Then I want that info to go to an email in the same order as the Form. From their I will enter the information in another program. I just need a more organized manner of receiving the info.
Thanks for the help

I like the all-in-one form handler from bignosebird.com.

It will do exactly what you are asking for here...and it is free.

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