i was just wondering how do u make a form that when the person using it will hit submit and the info will be sent to my email or to me somehow

everytime i try it doesnt do nething, and i cant find a tutorial on this

i need to do this for a survey i will be making for my friends to take for my final exam that is in 2 weeks

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You must to use either server script languages such as ASP/PHP

here is a PHP example http://www.tutorialguide.net/php_contact_form_tutorial.html
here is a ASP example

or you can use just form with target mailto to force send the email in Outlook, but server side scripting is better.

<form enctype="text/plain" method="get" action="mailto:info@info.com">
To <input type="text" name="To"/> <br />
Subject <input type="text" name="Subject"/> <br />
Body <textarea name="Body" rows="5" cols="20" wrap="physical" > 
<input type="submit" />

ok thx im going to use the .asp one but im curious because this tutorial does not exactly state were i should be making my email adress

would it be after the set mail = nothing?


I used the php code small dog linked too but it didn't work it said error on line 24 and I dont know php so I left it,

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