Hi, said how do I do something like this: I have an index/database with 3 fields NAME, COMPANY NAME, IMAGE NAME (0001.tif 0002.tif and on), it is 500 entries long these images are business cards that I have scanned in .tif format I like to do a web-site with 2 sheets; the left one for my drop down to show the index or search by name that when found click on it and display the image on the right sheet using the plugin alternatif to display tif images on the browser.
Any Ideas how I can accomplish this?. I have done some web sites very plain just playing around, but I have no clue as how to do this. Thanks in advance for your help.

Since you provide very few information is it hard to help. I'd say you should go with PHP. PHP is very easy to learn and integrates nicely with mysql databases. PHP puts HTML and CSS out, all server side. For more info on PHP go to http://www.php.net/.

Good luck and if you have any questions regarding PHP ask in the PHP forum.

You might want to look into PHP, Perl, Ruby On Rails, Python, ASP, or another language like that. HTML/CSS won't handle this. I could do this with a desktop application, written in C++ or Visual Basic (if you need it done, I could do it, and maybe do it using Ruby On Rails for a website).

But yeah, any powerful web language should do the trick.