With my good share of web surfing i have seen some horrible color schemes and i thought i should share 2 color secrets i know of. one i found and one i was recommeneded to;)

The first which i use alot is behr.com's color smart system. you may thing wait isnt that for paint but hey coloring your website is kinda like painting right? you can find the color smart system here(requires flash): http://www.behr.com/behrx/workbook/index.jsp
click on browse colors->interior
from there choose a color you like or which nicely compliments your sites theme. from there you will choose if it is primary of secondary. primary meaning in the websense your background. after that behr.com's paint specialists have created multiple combinations to suit your needs. after choosing it see how each color really compliments each other choose a room and then mix and match till looks right to you. if the combination doesnt work out go back and try again;)

my second secret to coloring is pixy.com's color scheme system. you can find it here: http://www.pixy.cz/apps/barvy/index-en.html
now this system is much more simple and does not require flash. it does require a little more configuration but alot more settings;) another downgrade about this is that the color you choose is considered primary and the color scheme system chooses the complimentary colors based on it. a positive though is there are many more colors to choose from:)

I hope this has and will help many of you creating the "perfect" color scheme for your "perfect" site. Enjoy:cheesy:

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Thanks for those resources. So, what do you think of daniweb's color scheme? hehe - Do I win your seal of approval? :)

yes their is no color clash here;) the creamy white background keeps the high intense blues and violets to a minimum on the eyes. very nice balancing:thumbsup:

Thats a really sweet site, thanks for the link!

wow i really like that site, though the colors are geard more towards home and design, its a good basis for choosing colors that will help, ive already started one site with a color plate chosen from that site and it looks really good.

Oo thanks for the behr link.

I usually just use the Color Schemer, it shows the exact hexadecimal codes that go wtih eachother. :)

Thanks, now I have a new bookmark in my Web Design help folder :D

Great links. I really like all the help I can get when trying to find matching colours.

I'd like to recommend the page I use for colormatching. It's similar to the colour schemer but alot simpler. It's still worth checking out though.

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