Hi guys,

I'm sure you have read some of my posts the guys here really help me on many things that I asked here in the FORUM.....

THANKS a lot Guys,

but my problem now is how can I make my emails to be formatted
of course to be more corporate in effect....

and I have also my printable DATAS, how can I make a template-like document or what ever you called it... I'm not really familiar with terms........ Thanks Guys...

To have CSS in your emails you have to use "Inline CSS".

About printable data... I'm not sure what you need but in general when you need you webpage to be printable you must put all your printable content in one table and set the table width to 100%. This will make your data span all the page when it's printed.

Hope this helps :)


well in printable datas, should I use div or table will do the trick?
because my problem is my footer if my data is just small in content my footer goes up you think what is the remedy for this?

Tables are excellent for printable data...

As for your printable footer... hmmm... I think it's going to be a hassle for you cause usually this is different from browser to browser and you need to look at advanced printing topics specific to the browser you're using...

Good luck.

alright thanks!!!! I think I will have a letterhead made for the meantime.
thanks a lot I will search for that.....


Repeat after me:

"It is impossible to force a page to be a given height for all browsers and all browser settings."