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I have created and customized a spry menu bar using Dreamweaver CS3 for my school's website and, although it displays fine on my computer in both IE and Firefox, some coworkers have pointed out a problem when viewed on some of their computers. Some of the menu items appear black instead of white or they are missing entirely until the user hovers over them with their mouse. My coworker's computers are running current versions of IE.

I apologize if this issue has been discussed in a previous thread. I looked through but did not see any discussions that describe this problem I am having. In fact I have not been able to find anything on the web that fits this problem.

Hoping someone in the DaniWeb community could put their finger on the problem and offer a solution.

The url is: www.ssctestsite.org

Thanks so much for your time!


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Well, when loaded and not used....
Top level H bar is Black links on Red.
Hovering over them makes them White.

When hovering over a Parent, Drop downs appear.
If the child link has no children, it shows White.
If it has its own children - it shows Black.

This repeats.

IE6 Win XP Pro SP2.

As a suggestion though - increase the font size.
Don't use Dark text on Dark BG's - it's hard to read.

Otherwise, well done :)


I've just looked at your page in IE 6.0 and your menu bar looks pretty good to me. (White text, maroon background, no odd changes in color upon hovering.)

I don't have an answer to your problem, but if you post to the Spry community discussion board, you might get some better feedback. The Spry experts are all on there, including all the members of the Spry team itself.


Good luck!

Jon Michael Varese
Lead Writer, Dreamweaver
Adobe Systems, Inc.

Thanks to autocrat and jvarese for the advice. Interesting that both of you viewed the site with IE 6 but only autocrat experienced the menu bar problem. Makes me think IE may not be the problem.

I will also consult the Adobe spry forum.

It is never a good idea to define custom colors for links to other pages.

The reason is that most browsers allow users to overide the colors you define. The user can set the normal text color, the hover text color, the visited text color, and the background color.

These user-defined colors will conflict with your customized colors, making backgrounds disappear, making links disappear by matching the background, or making text hard to read.

My advice is DON'T!

Thanks for the reply. I checked the IE browser settings on one of the computers at work that shows the menu bar problem. I hoped that I would find that the default settings had been changed but they were the same default settings that I use. No user-end modifications were made.

I notice that even daniweb.com has customized rollover colors in their menu bar. Why can't I?

I will eventually be changing the color since no one at my company liked the maroon. But I still am not convinced there isn't a problem with regard to the menu items not always remaining white as I had specified. Would it be helpful to attach my style sheets?


Hi - this thread is old, but has anyone found out anything about this issue? I am having the exact same problem with a Spry horizontal menu - I have set the submenus on a white background with black text, but in Internet Explorer 7 (and only 7, I believe) some of the text on these submenus randomly appears white (making it invisible.) It seems totally random which menu items this applies to. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.... Dave

I am unable to get my menu spry to appear with drop down menus and I do not know how to fix this error, please check out the test site www.eskearth.com

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