hello everyone,

i'm new to DaniWeb and came here because i'm trying to solve a problem with a website i'm developing for class.

I have inserted a Horizontal Spry menu with DreamWeaver on my website.

it looks great when i run it in Firefox, but when i run it in IE the navigation menu mirrors itself so everything is listed in reverse order. This becomes a design problem because the spry menu will now come down over the content of the page.

has anyone experienced this problem and figured out what to do about it?

here is the link to my page:

patrick millard

Hi Missprim,

That's for the video tutorial. It seems that there must have been a bug somewhere in my system. The spry horizontal bar wouldn't even load in new pages i was creating in Dreamweaver, but thankfully whatever is that was going wrong has somehow resolved itself and everything is working nicely.

Thanks again for you post.


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