Hello all,

I'm new to this website and I would consider my html skills standard, but any help with the following would be appreciated. I just finished a simple site for one of my clients, and uploaded a copy on my server to test out. I usually use Firefox, but when looking at it in IE I realize the rollover buttons are completely missing! Its weird because I use rollover buttons in almost all of my sites (using Dreamweaver) and this is the first time that this is happening with this browser.

Is there any reason for this? I really dislike IE personally, but I know I need to fix this error...

The site:


.....problem fixed - I almost feel ashamed to say this, but after much tinkering I realize that my table was set at 744% instead of pixels, so the images were there, just waaaay off to the right. My web design prowess in action, its always the small errors that get me!

there's no bug at all
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