I been a member here for sometime, but only now do i get a problem and im hopin you guys could help me out!

Basically i was creating a website in Dreamweaver... which looks like:

I then uploaded it to my website http://ps-gfx.net and it looks different to see what i mean visit the website or check out the image below:

Thanks in advance,


Thanks for your help, exellent website you posted up there it shows screenshots from each browser must keep it in mind, i took the pages all down then re-uploaded them and it works now.

Thanks again

No problem... Always a pleasure to help

Please mark the thread as solved

I see a different display than either, and the reason why:

- You are using deprecated code with xhtml align="center" is deprecated.

- Your filenames may work or not work on different browsers, as some are case-sensitive, and some are not. I suggest that you use all-lowercase filenames.

- You are changing the colors of links. Many browsers let the user override any colors set by the page, for:
-- Normal link color
-- Visited link color
-- Hovered link color
-- Link background color
-- Page background color

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