I am Web Designer. I know Photoshop, Flash, GIF Animation, etc., HTML, CSS, Javascript (40% only), etc., Now i am planning to learn .net for my future career and i am a graduate student. Its good desicion are not and other than dis which tools i can choose!

Plz, help me in dis

With Smile...

Maybe you could learn next 60% of JavaScript. Also learn XML. Since you would learn ASP.NET i suppose, so although not damn necessary but would be good if you learn PHP too.


Probably also best to learn ASP first, to get some coding skills as well, then move onto .NET.

You will need Visual Studio.NET or 2005, and probably SQL Server Express.

There are some good tutorial material available, eg LearnVisualStudio.net and Lynda tutorials

Hope this helps

I'd say xhtml. Can't go wrong, will force you to code properly sticking to XML rules. PHP is also extremely useful. Got alot of material out there that covers both PHP and mySQL, which is a big bonus, cause you'll learn dbs aswell.