I have been using the 2018 edition of QuickBooks Desktop pro for the last 6 months. This morning, when I tried to open up my QuickBooks file, I was denied access and received the QuickBooks Error 6143 message on my system. I have tried restarting my computer to get rid of the error but I still keep receiving the same message. I have a lot of bills that I need to enter but am unable to open the data file. Kindly help me to resolve the QuickBooks error 6143.

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The answer is to restore from your backups. There are spammers that will chime in but we will remove those as found.

Beware the fake support company spams. You are not dealing with legitimate support companies.

Open an example organization document privately introduced on a workstation

You are confirming if the issue lies with your organization document or the QuickBooks application by opening an example organization record. In the event that the example organization document doesn't open and shows the blunder, it is an indication of the QuickBooks establishment being harmed. It ought to be fixed right away.

Pick Open a Sample File in the No Company Open window.

Look over the rundown of test organization records.

On the off chance that the example record opens, continue to open the document locally. On the off chance that the example document restores a similar mistake message, fix your QuickBooks establishment.

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