i need use google bussiness to control my restaurant .. i hope anyone can help me tks

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Sorry, but that question makes no sense at all. Can you please try again, having thought about exactly what it is you want us to help you with?

Control in what way? You can use technology to your and your organization benefits. But, there are many areas defined. You need to categorically explain the controlling areas you want google to control!!

I guess the OP means Google My Business.

Even if that is the case, sadly we are still no closer to guessing what help the OP actually wants though.

You need to ask this in digital marketing thread to get more relevant replies. Still need more details in your question. Usually you can start Google Business for your business by registering with Email & verifying it then you can optimze it.

There are few free course provided by Google, just go through it you will get idea.

Control in what way?

yes, i can guide you about google business. Contact me

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