I need quick SEO tip for my website.... can anyone help me providing those quickly.... thnx

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There are several things in SEO LIke On site optimization and off page optimization. What are your requirements?

If you want to start it from scratch the do search engine submission or do article submission and let the search engine index your site naturally.

Do your keyphrase research to find industry specific and highly searched keyphrases. Make yourself some keyphrase targets.

Analyze your keyphrase competitors; check their coding, internal linking structure, backlinks etc.

Revolve a website around your keyphrase targets.

Read up on how to properly optimize your on-site webpage components.

Deploy a powerful internal linking structure.

It is understood that you should try to create unique, evolving and important content. Exceptional content will encourage incoming link building.

If you want to concern yourself with influencing off-site factors that will expediate your quest for top spots, rather than go out hunting for incoming links or creating useless articles/comments, create yourself an additional website/blog if you can justify them have unique marketing agendas. Make sure they contain unique cointent and in no way mimic your mother web site. Then focus on their on-site optimizable webpage components.

Do this for a while and you'll get pretty close to the very top spot in practically any keyphrase competition.

Canada Fred gave excellent advice, like always. I will add that don't forget to submit your site and site map to Google and Yahoo. Also, dont forget to use social bookmarking sites.

except from the usual ways of SEO like the social bookmarking, forum and blog comments, article submissions etc.,

Other helpful ways also in doing an SEO to your site is that, submit a reviews for books and products that you have read like amazon.com. Creating an account on squidoo.com and have a comments to other lens and sending your products for free to other sites in exchange for a product review.

I tried it on my site and the results so far so good in gaining traffic...

I need quick SEO tip for my website.... can anyone help me providing those quickly.... thnx

You can divide the complete SEO campaign in the three part:

1. Keyword analysis and choosing the right keyword phrases. As it is always preferable to play with the key phrases rather than keywords (until you keyword is very unique).

2. On Page campaign for that you should go through the following link it is a nice source for 12 basic on activities


3. OFF Page Campaign for that you have to choose some good off page techniques :

article submission
directory submission
link building
forum posting
blog commenting

these above are basic only..

Can some one provide Popular Blog website links where we can write blogs.

Awaiting reply.

Thomas Varghese
Videowall India

There are different ways to prepare your website for web traffic and to make Search Engine friendly website.
You need to make complete SEO plain.

1. optimize your website properly.
2. submit your website to different Search Engine. ( although it didn't need in some cases if you optimize your website properly.)
3. Try to pass some comments on dofollow blogs.
4. write articles and submit them to article website.
Also try to generate XML site map for your website.

in my opinion, the social bookmarking useful at the begining, but if you usesd more, it will change to trashy

Talking about some quick SEO tips and solutions might be far from the real world, especially when your site is a new one and also the market you have chosen is very tough already.

Bascically, there is no so called qucik SEO. The process has to be hard and time-consuming, and plus no one guarentee your results.

But u can stil try the following which I found the most effective SEO.

* article submission
* forum posting (through signature)
* web directory submission
* blog directory submission
* participating in community sites like Yahoo Answers

On-Page Optimization - it deals with the proper use of meta tags, title tags, heading (h1/h2 tags), alt attributes, description and keywords.

Off-Page Optimization - it deals with building links. Social bookmarking, link exchange, article and directory submissions, blog commenting, forum posting, classified ads, and press release are just some of the techniques that falls under Off-Page.

Do the follwing can help

1. Choosing a good domain name, template, and niche for your site
2. Keyword Research
3. Analyse your possible competitors
4. Directory Submission
5. Social Bookmarking
6. Article Submission
7. Link Popularity

hi guys i m new here. please help me and tell about seo dtails . i m new in seo .,

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  1. optimize your website properly.
  2. submit your website to different Search Engine.
    3.Keyword Research
  3. Analyse your possible competitors
  4. Directory Submission
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Article Submission
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The neccesary and quick SEO stuffs is you have to do the neccesary ON page and OFF page SEO stuffs .

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The first step that is a must: Submit your site and sitemap to Google and other search engines.
Next, keywords must be extensively searched for and used in your website.
Write articles, blog comment, forum commenting, guest posts helps in increasing the rank of your site
Check which pages get most visits and follow the pattern.

There are many pionts you should remember to implement on your site like page speed, page content, tags, description and many more factors.

in my openion social media posting is better to go quick in seo..and also make a daily postings on forums.

There is no quick SEO . In organic trafffic it takes minimum 3 months to get traffic . Do some of the off page SEO technique for reach quick website traffic .

Concentrate on technical aspects/On-page SEO of your site.
Content is important.
Include social media platforms.
Banklink audits regularly.

Make your website faster.
Secure your site with HTTPS.
Optimize the mobile version of your site.
Improve traffic and engagement metrics.
Focus on the user experience of your website.
Create engaging and valuable content.
Strengthen your social media presence.
Use long tail keywords in your SEO strategy.

To optimize your whole site for search engines, you’ll need to follow these basic tips

  1. Make the website about one thing
  2. Mention keywords where they matter most
  3. Link to internal pages on your site
  4. Use a permalink structure that includes keywords.
  5. Remove anything that slows down your website.
  6. Use keywords in your images.
  7. Link to other websites with relevant content.
  8. Update your website frequently.
  9. Make sure your website is indexed in search engines.
  10. Have other websites link to you.
  11. Stop changing your domain name.
  12. Write like a human.
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