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I'm in search of Linux--which sounds odd since it seems that I should be able to find all the Linux I'd ever want but I want to know about your favorite Linux gadget, project, invention, software, innovation or appliance. I want to know which ones are most important to you--which ones you're passionate about and which ones deserve some attention in this blog. Here's your chance to bring a little-known Linux-oriented business or project into the light.

Let's see what you can do.

I was so taken aback by the lack of Linux-oriented solutions at the recent InterOp Las Vegas show--so much so that I am actively soliciting your feedback on the topic.
If your first technology show you'd ever attended was InterOp and you were new to technology and the whole IT shtick, you'd likely think that Linux didn't exist at all or was something that no one openly spoke about.

I know about things like the Chumby, the TomTom and the Kickfire appliance but I want you to inundate me with Linux stuff that I don't know about. Is it possible? Are you up to the task of surprising me--an old Linux salt?

Post your entries, including links, in the Comments section below and let's get this Linux party started.

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I suppose the thing that I feel most passionate about atm is gPXE.

Its a project to build a better PXE loader.

Prior to gPXE I ran PXELinux, and so far, after about two days of tinkering, I can diskless boot windows, fetch on-the-fly configs directly from webservers and many other neat things.

This really looks like a game changing project to me as it shifts the balance back towards the network.

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I doubt any of these will be a surprize, but a few that popped into my head on this were.


GP2X and GP2X Wiz


OpenMoko phones such as the Neo FreeRunner (though I'm not sure if these are available any more)

Android based phones such as the HTC Dream, which you can get fully unlocked and flashable as the Android Developer Phone, details for purchasing it here Or you could get a device retail which could be unlocked through less official means.

If I think of any others I'll drop back in.



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Thanks to you both. I've checked out all of them and will probably mention Pandora tonight on the Frigal Friday Edition of the Frugal Tech Show.

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My favorite (and my only) Linux project is to write a book about Linux System Administration and give it away for free (over 400 pages downloadable in pdf here

In a few more months, it should be a good book.


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a few months late, but maybe this copyleft hardware community finds your interest nonetheless[1] ;)
It produced an all linux clamshell device - the Ben NanoNote [2].


mirko _at_


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