HELLO EVERY ONE. I have a problem with my xbeat mp3 player. When i plug it into the usb port on my computer my computer picks it up , but i cant put audio files on ass it does not show in MY COMPUTER. This is a big problem for me ass i listen to music alot. Any help would greatly be appreached.Thanks "THE REPTILE MAN":)

do you have win98? you need extra software

hmm thats wierd xp should just work automcaticaly and it should show as "removable disk" in my computer. Im not sure, but you may need administrator privileges

Try it as an admin and if it doesnt work go into control panel -> system and click on the device manager buton. Check if the mp3 has a yellow exclamation mark next to it.

By the way, if its a song or apple mp3 you dont do it through my computer, you have to use sonicstage and itunes respectively.

My MP3 player did the same thing until I installed the drivers for it. you might have to as well. The drivers should come on a CD supplied with the device or if not look on the manufacturers website.

Sonic stage is especially helpful when you have an ATRAC MP3 Player or MP3 CD player as i do.

What version of Media Player are you using?? You should be using 9 series and upward ideally.

dont use version 11 it hates some mp3s