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Hello, im new to this forum but i need advice:
im thinking of buying a cheap mp4 player and i found this one:
but i cant find its battery life, can anyone help me find it, also if you know of any other good mp4 players for this price with most of these features can you tell me please. thanks in advance

I doubt you'll find the battery life, I couldn't even find a model number so I dont think you'll find info about it anywhere else.

Newegg has a similar product for about $30 more, Looking at the photos it might be the same device but it's hard to tell without a brand-name on your site or a model number. (it's battery life is 8/6 hours)

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yes thats the same one, thanks i can live with that so i think ill buy it .Thanks again

If it's the same one, and you trust the retailer where you originally found it, you may as well get it there and save a few bucks. If you're not sure newegg is about as reputable as it comes.

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yeah i was going to, also before i buy the targus speaker book can you reccomend any other good speakers for around the same price (ive found them for around £9) thanks in advance.

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