My android tablet touch screen not responding. I tried restarting but the problem still exists. I can not unlock the screen and use the tablet. May I ask your help to resolve it.

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Yesterday was nagivating, when I touch the screen to activate an app, the touchscreen freeze, well I resetted the cellphone a lot of time but still stuck, and also reset to factory settings and wipe data, not working, finally hours later of search I found the issue the digitizer, is the responsible for touch reactions of the screen, located in the superior left corner, the only thing you do is press for 5 seconds in that area and the sreen working right again, I hope so this thread helps a many persons with this trouble.

There are many reason causes the phone stop function on touch screen, I recommend you to flash the phone.

@Nionoas:I have tablet not phone. Please guide me how can I flash an android tablet?

Prefer service centre they will help you in best way


What make and model Tablet is it, please?

What type of tablet you will be used?please.........?????

What type of tablet you will be used?please.........?????

If your tablet has a USB port and you have a suitable adapter then you should be able to connect a mouse and regain control. I've used this method on several occasions and at the very least you can carry out important tasks.
You may be able to attempt a reset but if the screen has failed then it will need replacing. If a reset fails and you're feeling brave then a strip down may reveal the problem.

please you can visit there service centre in case you have one around u or visit atechnication to help you flash it for you

well hard reset it no need to go to the technician !! i'll tell you how to hardrest it let me know the device model you are using .

Same problem i m also facing. My phone also freeze when i use any heavly file.

My samsung galaxy tablet 2 screen in the center is not responding and I just got it in November of 2013 it hasn't drop once no crack what should I do ?

Reasons might be:
1.Hardware Issue
2.Software Issue

-First of all try restarting your device by removing battery.
-Doing hard reset can resolve this issue.
-Search on internet about your device's procedure for resetting.
-If the problem doesn't get resolve then you got to consult a technician for checking hardware issues.

i have a zeepad but when i put in the recovery mode it will not show the menu.
and the touch screen does not work.

Same problem i m also facing. My phone also freeze when i use any heavly file.

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