can't get my linksys wireless router working weith my new telecom speed touch modem... any ideas?

hmm. yeah... well.... no. not really. sorry.

Model number please.
This is a DSL connection?
What ISP?

There may be an IP address conflict depending on what ports you're connecting them with you need to change the IP address or subnet that they're on. If you're connecting the DSL modem to the WAN port on your router you need to log in to the router and put it on another subnet by changing the ip address from to (as long as the second to the last set of numbers are different you're O.K.), if you're connecting to a from the DSL modem to a LAN port on the router, you need to disable DHCP on the router and make sure it has a different ip address on the same subnet. For example IP address of modem ip address of router Make sure you disable DHCP on the router or you'll have 2 devices trying to hand you an IP address.

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