hi guys, i have this problem on my pc..i got two ddr2 same brand and same specs..
my problem is, if i both plug-in the two memory sticks on the mobo..my windows will be unstable..

it will auto reboot..even if i'm just browsing the internet..

to isolate the problem..i plug-in one stick at a time.. but both are working fine..

problem only occurs if i both plug-in ..

memory stick is ddr2 kingston 1gb

mobo got 3 slots..and i tried changing on different slots same thing happen..

mobo can supports up to 3gb..

what could be the fault? does anyone encounter same problem before?

thanks in advance for any ideas

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yup...bios able to detect...and that's a good question..because i remember if i put the two sticks together...sometimes..it will reboot and upon POST it shows CMOS error... any ideas?


If BIOS detects then It could be a windows issue.

Try going into BIOS change nothing and quit and save changes.

Is the OS XP or Vista?


Try clearing the cmos for about 15 minutes making certain that the power is turned off.
Reset the cmos jumper and then go into the bios. Set the time and date. Load Optimised Defaults and save and exit.

Try it again.


hi guys, thanks for all the tip..but i tried every possible way...and still the problem persist if i put the two stick together..win xp..will become unstable... (auto reboot)
so i suppose it could be my mobo problem...anyway..if i got some few bucks...i'll just build a new one.. thanks for all the help .. :)

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