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Sure way to ensure data is irretrievable is what I saw in actual use at a major bank: shred the hardware.
Seen those big shredding machines for turning large tree limbs into wood chips (also used to shred plastic and metal for recycling)?
That's the machines you want. Turn them on, set at a nicely small granularity (say half a centimeter), enter the disks (and other components, like CPUs, motherboards, network cards) into the hopper, and stand back.
The resulting fragments are guaranteed to be impossible to turn back into a working device (and if you're more paranoid still, add an oven and melt them down).

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I use boot and nuke in the case that the hd will be used again. But otherwise, like a good judge, I give it the hammer until I can hear it shake.

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Wipe all the data with file shredding software. Take hardrive out computer. Get a hammer. Hammer it until it's pretty ruined. Keep messing around with what you can do; until it's no longer any fun. When the fun runs out, burn it. Literally. Smash it up a bit more, open it up, damage the components inside if not already. Scratch up the inside discs. Recycle it.

Job done.

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data deleting from a broken hardware????? is that possible??

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Kaka, it may help if you actually read the post you are commenting to. If you had then you might have spotted, right near the start, that it said:

have witnessed laptops that were victims of serious fire, smartphones crushed under truck wheels and hard drives fried by electrical surges all give up their data, or at least much of it, when interrogated in the right way.

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Actual devastation of a generate is challenging company. There are many organizations that cope particularly in the area of details devastation, so if you are doing any type of huge you may want to at least look at their cost record. If you agreement, create sure the organization is effectively bonded/insured, and provides review paths for each damaged product. In the most severe situation that your details does get out, you want the papers in side that says your specialist effectively damaged the product in query. Then, at least, you can exchange the responsibility.

When it comes to generate devastation you generally see one of two primary fields:

Disk Degaussing
Physical Destruction

Degaussing used to be the standard, but I am not such a big fan. On the plus part it is quick, you'll normally just dispose of the drives on a machine buckle and observe them get fed through the product. The issue is auditability. Since the circuits is delivered shaky, you won't be able to do a identify examine of the pushes and confirm that the details is gone. It is possible, with some stage of possibility unidentified to me, that details could still are available on the platters. Accessing the details would, without query, be challenging, but the truth still continues to be that you cannot illustrate the details is actually gone. As such, most organizations now will actually be doing physical devastation.

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It really all depends on what data is on the hard drive. If its not sensitive data using a program can wipe the drive. If the data is something that could be used to gain information that could harm you or your client, then you need to think about what removes you from liablity if the data is not wiped.
IMO the only sure fire why to remove all liablity is to burn the disk. Once its melted you are safe.

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Scrap is fed into a shredder, that reduces it to 6mm chunks from there it conveyers into a 44foot tipper trailer body, when the trailer is full, it gets picked up and another one is left.

don't think the drive data is readable anymore

We are at the moment rather far out in the bush
Staying at a roadhouse, 800km south of Darwin, escape from winnter
somewhat larger trucks than the '18 wheeler' of movie and country music fame
53m (58 yds) 160T (175t) 62-174 wheelers, truck and 3-6 trailer road trains, use a lot of spares
metal 'kibble' packs better to ship out

How Big are the trucks
Broken down greyhound bus,
They roll the other bus to one end of the trailer, and lift the this one on, with the onboard crane. two fit on the trailer, the truck has 3 trailers
There are NOT many corners on the highway

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It seems that no need to delete again as it have broken already.

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Guess you didn't actually read the piece then?

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Physical destruction of the hardware is the only method.
Forensic machines can recover scrubbed data at very low levels.
Personally, I take the drives apart to salvage the neodymium magnets (they are strong enough to be dangerous, so read about them) but it does take specialty drivers to open the case, unless you use a hacksaw. An article on HGST website, says that modern drives can be wiped a few times to truly wipe a drive.
However later they say that this is the real “military-grade” data destruction is destroying the drive.

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I use professional software.

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Stop hammer time!

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do not know what to say

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I work for a government agency and ALL of our drives, working or not, are destroyed by a crusher before they are taken to a secure recycling center.

Physical destruction is the only SURE way to prevent the data from being extracted.

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In decomissioning B3 rated systems, I remove the platters from the drive and grind them to powder.

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Wouldn't a strong magnet do that job?

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Degaussing doesn't guarantee erasure. Degaussing in combination with a crusher aftwerwards is a much more secure bet.

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princiaplly there are three types of data destruction:

  1. Software
    there are certain NSA recommended software available which charge per erasure.

  2. Degausser
    degausser are the devices used to change the magnetic filed on the disk.

  3. Dispose Media
    many people prefer to destroy the media physically to ensure no more data recovery :)

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It's hammer time.

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