Hey, I have an Acer Aspire 2930z and i just boutght a new battery for cause it needed it, then i put the new battery in and i turn it on, but the screen is black, the power light comes on (blue) and it was flashing orange so i charged in and its still the same out come (but ovb not flashing orange anymore). The thing is when i turn it on i hear the fan spin, but it only spin for like litterly 2 sec then utter silence from the laptop, and the screen remains black, and yes i tapped every button, moved the mouse, Fn with all the Fn button, and all the F keys, but nohing.
Can someone please help????

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Where did you purchase the battery from? From your description, I think that the battery is non-functional. Don't purchase cut-rate brand-x batteries from sources you aren't sure of. Personally, I do purchase brand-x batteries for my laptop, phones, etc; however, I DO purchase them from sources I know will stand behind (and not too far behind) what they sell, with liberal return policies.

I got it off of ebay £20 the person had like 100% positive feedback from alot of people so i guess its good to buy. plus i don't know if it i the battery. it does same with the old battery.only difference is that i have the have it charged at all times. do you have any theorys to what is wrong???

I wish I did know the cause as I also have an acer and two days ago same problem - I am wondering if it's a download from MS as same issue not long ago and that wa caused by an automatic download. I am considering "Apple" as I am constantly having issues with MS updates causing issues with my computer:))

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