I have had this Dell 8600 for several years. It has withstood being dropped numerous times and I even accidentally poured two cups of boiling water on top of the keyboard over a year ago.

What did it in was my 2008 Streets and Trips Pharos USB GPS unit. I snapped off the USB part of the gps in my usb port. There must have been a surge when this happened and now the Dell won't power on.

When I try to power it on the power light turns on for about 5 seconds and then goes off.

Could someone kindly let me know if there is something simple I can try to recover it, or do I need to have the motherboard replaced?

I know it sounds dumb, but I cried terribly when it died. After I poured the boiling water on it it blitzed out of course. I made a dash to Best Buy and bought a new Toshiba to keep our business going. After three days I remembered a cd that was in the drive of the Dell. When I opened it up to get the cd it powered on. Thankfully.....the Toshiba has been a lemon. It has been sent off 3 times and crapped out again the other day (I'm making my husband take it into Best Buy this time, I'm afraid I will throw it at them). I had to buy ANOTHER laptop to keep the business going and this time bought another Dell. I would really like to get my old Dell fixed too.

If anyone has any suggestions I would truly appreciate it!


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