I have a core temperature reading occuring in comp running an Athlon 64 3500+ socket 939 cpu that's got me a little concerned.

Speedfan is giving me AMD K8 core temperature readings between 44C and 48C when cpu usage is under 10%. 50C is the warning temperature.

Below is an example of what's I've seen this reading do tonight when I started to burn a dvd using Nero 7.

Soon after starting the burn the cpu usage went up to 100% and the core temp spiked to 62C and then continued to hover between 58C and 62C. I canceled the burn after seeing that.

Any suggestions on how to lower this temperature reading?


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God I feel stupid. ::chuckles::

An Antec spot fan solved the problem by creating a better airflow pattern between the front case fan and rear case fan. The core temp reading has consistently stayed between 26C and 34C since I installed that fan.



Also to put your mind at ease, 62 degrees is a safe temp for the CPU. As long as it doesnt touch 80-90 degrees, youre fine.

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