Working fine yesterday but when I switch on the power light / indicator flashes. Initially loud beeps then quieten to continuous beep - nothing on screen but orginally had "No signal". Tried removing cards, RAM, disconnecting HDD etc, re-siting CPU etc - all to no avail. Fans are working fine.
Any further suggestions? Thanks in advance.

When your pc will not boot but you hear a constant beeping that indicates that you have a bad ram stick. I see that you disconnected the ram try cleaning it and inserting it into the other ram slot if that does not work replace the ram.

Thanks, I have now tried that - no joy. Any special way of cleaning?

Any cleaning solution will due alcohol or 409 on a cloth, but if it does the same thing then you have a bad stick of ram.

I have tried cleaning and as I have 2 sticks of RAM have tried switching etc but no luck.
Incidentally when I try to start PC without any RAM I get the same beeping noise.

Yes, That is what should happen when you remove the ream is that the computer should constantly beep. So you have 2 mem sticks and it is doing the same thing with both, try unplugging the main power off the board then clear the cmoc by jumping the jumper near the battey. leave it like this for 5 min or so the reconnect see if it does the same thing if so then it has to do with the memory either the memory it self or the board.

"clear the cmoc by jumping the jumper near the battery."

Excuse my ignorance but could you clarify above please. I've located the battery at least !

I did find 3 jumpers not far from battery which I disconnected and then reconnected. These were 2 Power and 1 HDD. Near the battery is - I think ! - System fan connector.

It will be a jumper near the battery, it will have only 3 pins 2 are jumped by a little block called a jumper if you move that jumper from the 2 and jump it it will be pin 1-2-3 pin 1-2 should have the jumper now move it to 2-3 then back to 1-2 .

Reading L to R from battery :

1). Front USB connector.
2). Jumper White / Black (2 pin) POW S/D
3). Jumper White / Red (2 pin) HDD LED
4). Jumper White / Green (2 pin) POW LED

(4) has 3 pins and jumper currently occupying 2nd & 3rd pin (L to R)

Thanks for your help AND patience!

That is for your front switches and lights the one you are looking for has no wire comming out of it, I still have a few dead e-machine motherboards here. What you should be looking for is a black or white jumper block. connected to 2 pins out of 3 next to it should say CMOC or bios configuration. If you can not find this just remove the cmoc battery for 20min and put it back and see what happens. I have fix over 70 e-machines in the past year with the same problem and 90% had to have the power supply and board replaced.

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