Well I'm having some trouble with my custom built PC. While at work my computer turned off and now it won't turn back on. I usually leave my computer running, so it was strange to see it off when I came home. It seems to be getting power, the fans and lights turn on and the motherboard light is green; however, after hitting the power button nothing happens other then powering up. It doesn't send any information to the moniter (the screen stays blank), and i hear no beeps at all. After about 20 seconds it turns powers. The legnth it stays on progressively gets shorter each time i try to restart it. I've checked and rechecked connections and made sure everything was clean. I've taken out the CMOS batter (at least 30 min), tried some different cables, and cleaned well, but still no responce. Not sure what else to really try so any help would be nice :)


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if the length it stays on gets progressively shorter, i would first try the power supply. that is a common sign of failure

I believe it is also the power supply now. I had a thought it might be, but now I'm almost sure it is because it now has no power going to it at all, no indicator lights, fans, nothing. Pretty sure that means PSU is dead. Thanks for the help, I'll be getting a new one, thanks for the help and I'll keep you up to date if it fixes it :)


if you have another power supply to try, we could rule that out. But you did say it powers on the fans run and the lights comes on. is this a PCI video card or onboard.

Well it was power up all the lights and fans, but no POST or beeps or anything, just lights and fans and would turn off about 20 seconds later. Every boot after that was progressively shorter. NOW, however, there is no lights or indicators on at all. I didn't smell andy burn or see any smoke, but still think it maybe the PSU. My video card is a PCI-E, not onboard.

From the symptoms, you have a faulty capacitor either in the PSU or on motherboard. I'd try another PSU first.

If PSU has failed, purchase a good quality replacement with adequate power.

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