I have a pc loaded with XP Home Edition.I recovered all the data on my harddrive but after installing it again my pc won't boot.
I read on Microsoft support website that XP Home edition needs floppy disks (6 of them - i've downloaded this already).
At present all that happens when i switch on my pc is the HDD red light that stays on as well as the green light that stays on for reading the floppy drive(it probably needs the disks to startup) BUT my monitor stays blank.What could be the problem??

Any suggestions or help ?

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bad monitor bad video card. Xp does not need floppy's to boot any more you can boot from the cd

How old is your machine? Generally only very old machines require the boot process included on the "Boot Floppies". How did you carry out your replacement windows installation?

You will need to be able to "boot" from your CD\DVD device setup within the BIOS. Once confirmed, insert your CD start the pc and begin the installation. When asked where to carry out the installation, delete all the current partitions, create a new partition, and install onto the new partition after allowing the machine to carry out a FULL FORMAT in NTFS - not the quick format! and then allow the process to continue and you should be in luck.

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