I'm new here, so hello and thanks in advance for your help.

I've had an HP Pavilion 511k for years and it hasn't given me any trouble, but over a year ago I had to go to another country and left it with a friend. Now that I'm back, he returned it but it doesn't work. He tells me he almost didn't use it, but one day he tried to turn it on and it just didn't.

Here are the specs:

I don't get anything on the screen or beeps from the computer.

There is something peculiar, when I plug the cable to the power supply, the motherboard's green led turns on (dunno what it means) and the CPU's fan starts spinning, even though I didn't push the power button on the front. Actually, when I push the button, nothing happens.

I disconnected and connected back everything (HDD, floppy, DVD burner, RAM sticks, battery) and tried booting after each change: nothing.

Please help.

The fan moving on your PSU sometimes gives a false positive.
Before you take that drastic an action: unplug the psu from the wall, disconnect then reconnect all power connectors to the system board.

Okay, I did that, but still nothing. :(

If you've another PSU available that you know is working, try that.

I had not thought about doing that. I just tried it, but the result was the same... I used a friend's bit older HP Pavilion.

It also has a socket 370 processor, so I tried switching CPUs, but my computer still behaves the same with his processor, and I know his works.

I'm starting to consider buying a new mobo and CPU. :(

Seems that you've just about exausted the other possibilities which leaves you little other choice. If it was going to fly it already would have.
If cost is a issue you might try the mobo first, whatever the CPU speed, etc. it's going to be the most expensive piece of hardware.

Well, yeah, but it's being pretty hard to find socket 370 parts that aren't used in Mexico, at least it's being for me, and for not much more money I found a VIA mobo with processor, which seems a better way to go. I'd only need to add a new RAM to that, since it uses DDR2 instead of the DDRs I have. :icon_rolleyes:

So, in the end, instead of a used mobo (without USB2) and CPU ~1Ghz at around $50, I could get a new kit at ~2.5Ghz (with USB2, which is important for me) for $70 (+ DDR2 RAM, another $35 or so... :icon_frown: ). I only have to research the model and see if it's good, I have never heard of the VIA brand before.


I'm also not sure if that mobo's form factor is uATX, but I think I can make it fit in the case anyway, or make a new one if needed.

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