i'm using winXP service pack 2, with Nvidia MMX 440 8x AGP card with one monitor.
i just bought a video cable to go from the video card to my Tv, plugged it in and nothing happened so then i decided to mess with the nView settings.
Massive Mistake.
I went into 'clone mode' and picked 'analog to TV' and then i was screwed!!
my desktop picture now shows and i cannot see the icons or the XP start menu.
it all appears to be to the left of my monitor and i have tried so much but cannot get the fatal error reversed. windows starts fine when i reboot, but i just can't see my original desktop, only the picture appears as i'm assuming it was 'cloned' the mouse is even present, allowing me to right click, create folders and so forth. there is a nView setting that appears when i right click and there are two options 1) TV or 2) analog. i have clicked on both many times but nothing changes.

is there an easy way out of this?
man, i feel super stupid!!! please help me????

thanks in advance ;)

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Wow, That is the same problem I'm having. Just hooked up my TV to my new rig and after playin with nView to get it working now I'm stuffed!

I am currently searching for a solution. Please let me know if you have one.

Right click somewhere on the desktop and make sure the Graphics Options show Display + TV (or however your 2nd monitor is listed). Also make sure the option to "Extend my desktop" to 2nd monitor is not checked. Another option may be to boot into safe mode to disable the nView settings.

Hey Buggz,

I couldn't select any options because the windows would not come up in a viewable area. But - booting in safe mode and uninstalling nView drivers did the trick. Then reinstalled and set-up screen again. Working fine now. Still not sure how I got in this predicament in the first place.


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