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One of the problems we face when trying to assist people with their hardware problems is the matter of identifying what hardware they actually have in their systems. I've just come across yet another reporting tool, and it seems to me to be rather a good one. I've tried it on several systems here and found it to report accurate, detailed and very useful information about them.

Could others here who have a good degree of knowledge about the components in their systems try it also, please, and report on their impressions of the tool?

It's called Everest, and it's a free download for personal use from:


Feel free to mention other good quality reporting utilities as well, if you like!

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ikenfixit, have you had opportunity to use it on systems where devices weren't yet nstalled in Windows, or were incorrectly installed, and if so what sort of accuracy did it have?

No I havent..BUT I'll give it a whirl and let you know!

I just tried it out and it is excellent. More detail than I had expected, even recognizing antivirus software and such. Very useful for troubleshooting.

an excellent product it pointed out a shortage of sdram on my computer, amongst other things.

Looks groovy. Gonna give it a go..

I downloaded it but when I try to open it the cursor shows its busy opening it but nothing happens,it doesn't open.

Got steered here by a post from szukalski (2:35 PM MST USA - 11-18-04) on the Processor Inquiry thread.

Have you tired the "BELARC ADVISOR"? It's also a FREE utility which when run will profile your computer and allow you to print out a report. It will profile all of your hardware and software, list a history of all your Microsoft Hotfixes (updates), give the versions of all the software you have on your PC, and provide license info (registration keys). Pretty cool.

You can get it here:

Rueful Rogue, Belarc Advisor is a reporting tool I was in the habit of recommending BEFORE I came across Everest. It is still a useful one to have for some specific purposes, such as reporting on program install codes and enabling quick acces to program install directories, but as a system reporting tool Everest leaves Belarc a long, long way behind in it's dust cloud!

Catweasel - I couldn't agree more. I went to the site, read about the program, and downloaded it. I'm really impressed. Thanks for the lead on this one. I'm sure this will solve many a person's problems.

great program, just used it, I luv it

I'm gonna give it a try.

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