ok i am missing or the file is corrupted \windows\system32\config\system

now i know the easiest way to deal with this is well to wipe it and start fresh but... in my foolishness i have forgotten to back up every thing (ya ya i know stupid mistake) and being a writer and american otaku i have my stories and anime on there sure the anime can be replaced but my stories cant there is not another copy of some of the more recient ones anywhere... and though some may say simply because i didnt back anything up i deserve to lose every thing i would rather not.

so i pulled out the hard drive planted it in the one im using right now switched it over to slave mode and booted up the computer and dug through my files to find that as i had figured every thing was saved on a private desktop. meaning you cant access it....

alright so i pulled out my slave hard drive from my (shall we simply say broken for lack of a better term) computer put it in master mode and tried to boot it up... of course no operating system... i managed to put it back into slave mode and shove it in this one to save what was on there but it didnt have what i really wanted.

since my computer refuses to load with out this file i guess what im asking is it a compleate waste of time to hope that there might be some back door flaw or something that could be done to allow me to access a private desktop while a hard drive is in slave mode or should i give up this futile attempt at saving my 90 page story and the book i've started and all the other little short stories i have written and simply wipe it?

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Less elaborative verbiage and more succinct detail would be good for starters; the exact circumstances of your situation get a bit lost in your telling of the tale. :mrgreen:

Seriously though:

1. Please clarify why exactly, when the problematic hard drive was installed in the other computer as a slave, you couldn't access the data you wanted to rescue? If you were denied permission to a folder, you can gain access to it by going in to the advanced security settings of the folder's Properties and taking ownership of the folder.
If you had a different problem, please explain.

2. As for the original error, the windows\system32\config\system file is a component (called a "Hive") of the Registry, and yours appears to have become corrupted. The hives are unique to the system on which Windows was installed, so you cannot just replace them with copies from another computer.

* Booting into the "Last known good configuration" might do the trick, although it often doesn't. It is the easiest fix though, so it's worth trying.
To boot into that configuration, start tapping the F8 key right after your computer starts up (that is- well before you see the Windows startup graphic/logo). This should bring up the boot options menu, where you can choose the "Last known good" menu item.

* There are a couple of other ways to fix the corruption, which are discussed in these links:


sorry... i tend to do that.

as for why i couldnt acess the account while it was a slave to another computer im not actually sure why... the desktop was private so i did not have permissions so i tried to go through the admin to transfer permissions but was unable to.

i will try your suggestion and if that fails i appreshiate the websites ^^ thank you very much for at least trying to understand what i was ranting on about.


Getting the permissions and ownership changed correctly can be a bit difficult sometimes. The article below describes the basic process pretty well:

*glomp* you have now become my favorite person ever ^^ sorta... its not like im gonna stalk you or anything but you just solved 50 percent of my problems with that last url man ^^ now i have my documents and now i can move on with out fear of losing them

i thank you deeply for helping me with this problem of mine.


yup im all set with the rest now that i can wipe it with a clean concious ^^ any further problems and ill be sure to let you guys know.

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