Well my boyfriend have a windows 2000 that he just got back from the shop that the people claimed they fix, but everytime he goes on a site he gets little message like (some program will be shutdown due to whatever the cause is that will make the computer shut down automatically) I fiqured it may be a hardware problem i dunno. If any of u guys know how to fix this let me know send me a email at (jamaicanricanmami2001@yahoo.com) I would really appreicate it thanks. :confused:

We'd prefer that problems be dealt with in the forum thread itself, thanks.

That description does not indicate a hardware problem. I'd suggest you use the software tools described in our security forum section to clean the system of any 'net nasties', reinstall Windows over the top of itself to correct any remaining problem (refresh install) and then let us know if there are any further problems afterwards.

Definitely. He's probably got some kind of homepage Hijacker or something to that effect. I second Catweazle's advice.

backup your stuff and reinstall windows

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