I currently have a Gateway 400vtx sitting in front of me. Dead, simply because it will not start. Let me explain.

It has power, the hard drive and cd drive both make noises of starting up. I got it to boot once, after I had tore the whole casing and took out everything but the motherboard (cause I cant even see that thing with all the casing laptops put in the way), took the RAM out and put it back in an boom, it worked....once.

Gateway says the CMOS battery is integrated with the board, and seeing as how I cant get to the board anyway thats just insult to injury.

Any ideas on what makes a computer do this? I even installed a new hard drive with a fresh copy of XP on it. Thats not the problem. The computer doesnt even boot to the splash screen.....now thats a problem! :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

Young IT Padawan,

Try these things:

Remove all memory and start it up - note any flashing of LEDs or tones from computer on startup.

Try starting it with only one memory modules in first the A then the B slot, then reverse the chips if you have one.

Report back with results this could be a memory issue, which is a good place to start.

Also do you get any of the BIOS screens, and can you enter BIOS?