Hi guys, i am at the end of my patience with this one.

My Problem is as follows.

Last week i updated drivers for my graphics card and all hell was unleashed. From that point on i got ndis.sys BSOD problems, windows xp crashes and a blank screen for the most part. :evil: :evil:
After finally getting in i copied important data and did a system format using the Toshiba Recovery disks.
When the process finished i got "Enter correct command interpreter eg. A:\command.com" or something similar. After a few attempts the system froze and upon restart i cannot even get a screen and it will not even boot from a second xp boot disk.
Should i throw my notebook out the window?
Is This common?
Here are the Notebook specs
Tecra S1 1.6Ghz Centrino M
768 Ram
60gig HDD
ATI 9000 Radeon
Any Help Appreciated :D

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Sounds like a typical set of driver problems, to begin with, then a hard drive problem. What was the reason you upgraded? Was it not working correctly with the set already installed?
It is likely that the hard drive is bad. If not, it is certainly corrupted badly.

I would try to reformat the drive using a floppy disk (if that computer has a floppy drive) and F Disk the drive to delete and restore the partition, then reboot and reformat the drive as Fat 32. If that works, run the Toshiba recovery set once more. If it doesn't work, download from the hard drive manufacturers web site their drive fitness test that can be run from a floppy or a flash drive. If good, run their drive setup software. Then run the Toshiba recovery set once more.

you probably download a wrong version of flash bios. try download the correct version and flash the machine again using external monitor.

please, help me!
I NEED cd recovery for tecra S1.
where can I find or download it?
can anyone of you share it?
reply also in pvt d.maiorino@almavivaitalia.it

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