Hi all,

I changed over my hardware from an existing and running PC to a new casing.

The installations done was a powered motherboard, CD Rom and Floppy, video and wireless card, two 512MB rams and a master HDD. Which is still working and with an OS.

However, when I power up the PC, there was only power but no boot, no display. I've checked all connections and am sure that the END of the IDE cable is connected to the Master HDD. Master HDD jumper is also where it should be according to diagram on it.

Please advice, thanks.

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Hi Darthnite
Welcome to the forum

Well first of you dont have to worry about the HD yet. Remove you're GFX card and RAM then seat them properly. Then Remove you're CPU fan and CPU and replace it properly. Make sure you have enough grease on the back side of the CPU/ Heatsink.

I know you might not have removed parts from the mobo but things might have goten loose when the transfer took place. Its eighter you're RAM or GFX card. Worst case scenario its broken. But lets noot get ahead of ourselfs.

Do that and lets check it out

Interesting, It actually did boot up after replugging the ram and gfx!

But it leads to another problem. it keeps restarting right before it enters the windows loading page.

It it something to do with the BIOS or CMOS settings?

I tried with another HDD and its perfectly ok. perhaps the HDD im using now is cranky?

Ok this sounds like fun.Coincidently I had the same prob with my personal pc last night. I got it right though. :) enough of me.
So tell me darthnite how many HD's do you have connected to you're machine? For now make sure theres only one, the OS HD. pluged in in the first IDE (MASTER), And make you're BOOT choise the MASTER HD.

Currently I have 2 HDD, lets name them HDD A and HDD B.

HDD A went cranky this afternoon after a windows update. Auto-restarting and all.

HDD B is fairly new and have just been clean installed with XP Pro. Without drivers.

When I plug HDD A into the PC, it runs smoothly all the way into windows, till there it hangs. And I dont really want to use this HDD anymore. Perhaps as a Slave or spare.

But HDD B with a clean installed OS could not load into windows at all.

Something I'm trying now is to reinstall OS for HDD B again and see if it works.

Thats good, do that and lets take it from there

Its working now. thanks alot for your help, very much appreciated. =)

Fast and responsive. =)

You're welcome
Please mark the tread as solved and add on my rep if you like

Cheers for now hope to see you around :)

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