Satellite 1135-s1554 laptop will not boot up from battery or power supply. The first time the error came up was in Sept. 06, since then it has been operating great. The first signs of trouble was the lcd screen display was garbled and you could correct the lcd display screen by moving it up or down.

Last week the laptop was hibernated and the next morning on boot-up:
1. Lcd display screen flashes on and off with white vertical 1 1/2 white strip on the right side.
2. Lcd display screen then fades out.
3. Power supply and battery are removed, and re-installed.
4. External monitor connected to laptop, rebooted Toshiba Screen came up, the hibernating screen came up then came to:
Two choices:

1. Delete Last Restore
2. Restart Computer

PCI Parity Error on Bus/Device/Function 00F0h
TRAP 00000002 ===== EXEPTION

tr=0028 cr=80000011 cr2=00000000 cr3-00039000 gdt limit=03FF base=0003F000
idt limit=07FF base=0003F400

cs:eip=0058:0000075C ss:esp=0010:00060D3C errcode=0000 flags=00000046 NoCy
Zr IntDis Down TrapDis

eax=000244FC ebx=00060D8C ecx=00000000 edx=004132E7 ds=0010 es=0010
edi=00060DA3 esi=0000000A ebp=00060D64 cr0=80000011 fs=0030 gs=0000


Restarted Computer, computer was restarted and went to the Login Screen.
Login was sucessful.
Windows XP sound was heard while booting up.

Blue screen showed:
*** Hardware Malfunction

Call your hardware vendor for support
NMI: Channel Check / IOCHK

*** The system has halted ***

The laptop wil not boot up with power supply or battery now.
Hard drive is ok, it was checked with a desktop with laptop adapter connection.

Thanks for any input.

Update on original post, Laptop trys to boot-up then stops. LCD display screen black, external monitor shows screen while XP is booting up on battery only. Tested power supply adapter shows correct output voltage at 19.6 and it does charge battery. Troubleshooting is still in progress to solve problem, the next time it does boot to screen that shows last restore, restore option will be tried to see if it will fix the problem.

Motherboard replaced, bad connection to Lcd. Check the connection from Lcd before you replace motherboard. System up running great. Replacing motherboard on this laptop was easy using tutorials online. Be sure use thermal grease on the processor. Hope this helps others with this problem.

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