My pc has the BSOD. There error msg after the technical info is: STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x8A9BBDE8, 0xC0000102, 0x00000000) There is nothing after that. I have unsuccessfully tried to reboot for the xp cd that came with the pc. The cd turns but nothing happens. The cd is good bcos my laptop can read it. The pc has a separate cd and dvd bay and I have swapped the two and still can't read the cd. I have tried to clear the cmos with no success either. The diagnostic lights are all green. Can anyone please help?

the cd you run with your laptop. but your pc didn't read. please check your cd rom. or check your cd other pc.

Hi Kakabo
The error accured within the Ntfs.sys. You need to run a chkdsk /f. please make sure that you make use of a bootable XP disk. Seeing that it works in other machines but doesnt wanna work at startup.
To determine if the disk is a boot up XP disk insert the disk into another machine where you know its working and boot from the disk in the other machine. iIf it doesnt recognize the the at bootup but it recognises it in windows then you know its not a bootup disk.

I tried it on my laptop and it works. I have separate cd and dvd drives and have swapped the two and my pc can't read the disc. I thus cannot run check disk.

Works on you're Laptop? Then do a chkdsk when plugged in the laptop.