I keep getting and error message saying unable to write to the c: drive. I have already replaced the IDE cable and it has had no effect on the problem. Is there any solution to the problem short of replacing the hard drive.


Do you know what caused this? What Windoze OS are you running? Is this DOS?

If the drive is coming up that you can see it, I doubt it would be the IDE interface. SOmething else is at work, and probably not a good thing.

I would be surprised if Windows will even boot, because it likes to write temp files out to the drive, and because of the swapfile needing to be initialized.

If you have DOS around, see if you can access it (assuming it is not an NTFS Drive). You can also try loading up in Safe Mode. Check to see if the drive is full. Check the system logs to see if it is reporting system errors.


I am using windows 98 se. it is able to boot windows fully but the blue screen saying can not write to c: drive does popup a few times during loading but once windows is loaded you can't do much of anything with the computer because the blue screen pops up and the computer locks up.

I'm assuming you have access to another PC since you are posting here. So try going to this site for instructions which may be of help. This article will help you do a "clean boot" and/or start up in the "safe mode" in Win98, and will tell you what to do if these do not work. There's a lot of links in this article with a lot of info, so it's not something I can paste here. Go to:


If the link above does not help you, I would definately find a DOS startup floppy, and load that in the A: then run some chkdsk/scandisk utilities to see what is up. It is also possible that the hard disk volume is full.


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