I am getting vertical red/pink lines on my monitor Synmaster175V. (Are they waves or pulses?) from .5 to 2 inches apart; sometimes they slide down the page as a page refreshes. I am sure it is not the fault of the monitor because 1) when in Safe mode they don't appear (or in an entirely new, much more random pattern) 2) Samsung sent me a brand-new monitor and it responded the same way... I know this is a relatively common problem, but I couldn't figure out a key word combination in Google that would bring up prior answers so I am asking afresh. Thanks.
I am running Win2000 on a generic Dell system.

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I am also getting this problem on my Dell 8250 system, using a Dell UltraSharp LCD display. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix?


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If the monitor isn't the cause, the video card would be the next thing to look at, especially since you said that the problem either goes away or changes when you run in safe mode. In safe mode, Windows uses its standard VGA driver instead of the video card's own driver, so what you described would make sense. You might want to try another video card if you can to rule out a hardware fault in that area.

Well there could be 2 answers to this that i can see (in my experience) either:
1. Your video memory is broke, this causes verticle lines and artifacts on screen (have you tried anothe rmonitor, perhaps normal CRT monitor?)
2. The onterface between the LCD itself and the control board is miss-aligned or even damaged in some way.
If 1, get new graphics card, easy.
If 2, send the screen back to be repaired/replaced, its far too fiddly to do yourself, infact u may well just break it totally trying.
Lets hope its 1, cos thats simple and easy to do yourself, becaues 2 just takes ages and will probably cost delivery/warranty charges or something irritating like that.
Hope this helps.

Having had a similar problem myself recently, I found that increasing the airflow to my case helped. I basically just put a standard desk fan pointing in the direction of my PC to test this theory before I went out and bought a new case/fans etc.
This might work for you, too, if your PC is in an air-restricted spot.
Hopefully of some help...

Vertical red dots, and random red dots during video playback.

I was having this problem with the driver 71.84.

I found posts on the web saying to fall back to 66.93.

I did so and the problem stopped.

There must be some kind of problem with the 71.84 drivers. I did not experience problems in games- just every where else.

Stupid thing but have you tried changing refresh rate?

Clear Type Fonts?

Adjust DPI Settings?

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