Ok..hear me out, My computer at first would crash and restart when i was running games such as Sof2...i fixed that 1..lol my Geforce2 was Heat damaged coz the fan on it didnt work...anyway

My computer still crashed and wouldnt work :P So i thaught it was a problem with Windows XP so i reverted back to ME :evil: This still didnt fix the problem.

I baught a Radeon 9200 SE card as a replacement for my Geforce2 thinking this would fix the problem...it didnt..so i thaught that maybe the new card was faulty..so i temporarily changed it to a Hercules 3D Prophet 4000xt TV-Out card. My computer still dosent run any games..it either restarts or freezes. It dosent do it in windows..or it does but rarely, if it does happen its a freeze. When i run Lord of the Rings the War of the Ring, on a LAN game it freezes or restarts..i dont have a clue why. I think maybe its the memory.. (1 stick of 256 mb RAM..i think its DDR)

Anyone have any suggestions PLEASE let me know..this has been bugging me for almost a month now :cry:

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With all those display card changes, I'd say you almost certainly have driver corruption issues, especially as you've changed to and fro between NVidia and ATi cards. Bits 'n' pieces of drivers get left behind and make a mess.

A Format and clean install is in order I believe, especially if you've had Windows Me, 'upgraded' over the top of it to have Windows XP, and then 'reverted' back to Me.

Windows Me is the WORST version for games to start with ;)

If I'm correct, you really need to wipe that hard drive clean and start over

Hmm..didnt think to explain this part..

By revert i meant format hdd and install ME:P i have already formatted it about 15 times :evil: and i Uninstall the drivers of the video card i have removed :P (im not a Junior Techie like it says :lol: )

OK then.

Format again. Put that Radeon 9200 back in. It's the best card of the bunch. Install Windows XP. Install your motherboard drivers. Install Windows updates. Install DirectX9b. Install Catalyst drivers from ATi website. Play games. All in that order.

If that doesn't work, perhaps it's time to consider your system might have other damaged or faulty components. Have you tried a different RAM module? Poor quality RAM can cause game crashes.

Im going to change the RAM stick tomorrow and see what happens...

I also noticed that my CPU Heat Sync (when its just crashed and i have turned off) is rather hot..i can touch it..but it feels .."too hot" i am wondering if the CPU might be overheating and the comps restarting or crashing to protect itself... :-|

Also..when i removed the Radeon, although it dosent have an onboult fan...the heat sync on it was pretty hot aswel

Remove the processor and heatsink, clean both, and reinstall them using new thermal paste or compound. The old stuff may have 'dried out'.

we dont use paste ¬_¬ i think the heatsync clips on to the cpu socket

Could ma CPU getting hot cause this?..if its unlikely..what COULD cause it..i would appreciate a list...so i can check them all out

Just to narrow the problem down, your CPU is probably overheating, my friend had the same problem as this.

kk..ill try to plonk a bigger fan on it in the morning... it used to work fine..wonder whats braught the sudden errors on..
the comps only bout a year old

Ok, ive downloaded a program that uses the thermometors on ma mother board to get the temp of my cpu..at idle its 52° this good or bad?

Hehe ive taken the side of the comp off...at idle the temp of the case was 32°C and CPU was 52°C

SETI@Home which uses all cpu took the temps to

CASE: 37°C
CPU: 57°C

however i have placed a fan rite by the comp and the temps are now

CASE: 29°C
CPU: 51°C

and dropping..hope this works :)


I am going to install new fans on the case anyway...maybe the one on top taking air OUT of the Case and the one on the bottom taking air into the case?

Use paste!

What kind of processor is this anyway? I dont use paste on any of my Athlon processors and they run just fine

This is a system which has already had overheating problems with the display card. The owner is reporting that the processor heatsink is unusually hot.

Athlon processors come accompanied with a heatsink/fan which has a 'thermal pad' in place. If the heatsink is moved during the fastening process, thermal pads can become damaged and a good connection/thermal interface between processor die and heatsink does not result.

In addition to this, once the heatsink is removed, all traces of previous thermal material/paste/whatever should be completely removed and cleaned, and new material applied before the heatsink is reattached.

Anyone not following these procedures when working with Athlon processors (which do not have a heat-spreader in place over the core die) is risking overheating problems and damage to the processor.

few months ago i had
intel celeron D 2.53ghz,
Transcend 1 GB RAM,
nvidia 9400 1 GB grafics card (no fan) ,
psu Zebronics 400w,
WD 320 GB HDD,
mercury PNMCP7 nvidia chipset..
with win XP & WIN 7(64)

with this config, almost all games i played vry well n smooth even prototype(low grafix details)also...
den a month ago i hav some upgarde as..

intel Dual core 2.7ghz E5400,
nvidia 9500 1 GB grafix card (with fan ),
psu Zebronics 400w,
Transcend 1 GB RAM,
WD 320 GB HDD,
win XP & WIN 7(32)


IT GONNA B HEIGHT WHE I PLAY CHESS ON WIN 7.. no of pixels ware start apearing on the screen after few min of play..
i cant understand wht happend here.. plz help me out here.....
my mail id is

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