hello everyone

my friend got gta san andreas that he couldnt play because of the crash..he was thrown away to the desktop

i told him that the problem is in the video driver and he need to update it...after done pc wont boot and the "no signal" message is on the screen..then i told him to rollback driver via safe mode or vga mode...he has done it but it still doesnt work and the same message is on the screen (have sound and pc works ) :eek:

does anybody know whats the problem??? please :lol: :lol: :lol:

thanx a lot

p.s : nvidia geforce fx 5200 +benq tft screen

had the same problem with a 6800 ultra card it not the videocard,it was the sound card. ( If you are using a onboard or audigy 2 sound card update the driver if nividia nforce motherboard download nividia sound driver located on nividia site. not the realtech driver your problem will go away.) but with a 5200 game will kind of lag.

thanx a lot am gonna tell him to try this out

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