Hi all...

I recently went through the process of building a new PC from scratch for myself, with parts from various sites (all trusted).

I have just finished putting it all together but have encountered a problem: the machine will boot up but for some reason I cannot get a signal on the monitor. I have tried my default graphics port, a PCI slot and an AGP slot, but nothing will register.

Could anybody help me out here? It's very frustrating to get this far and hit a brick wall :cry:

Thanks very much,

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* Monitor is dead?
* Monitor cable is dead?
* Monitor cable is not firmly connected?
* Monitor and cable are both OK but monitor is not powered up?
* Display cards have not been firmly inserted into slots?
* Display cards are dead?
* Eveything is actually OK but the monitor brightness is adjusted too dark to actually see the screen image?

Most monitors manufactured in recent years will display a "No Signal" meesage in bright lettering on a black screen if they are powered up with no PC connected to them. Check that you are getting one ;)

No no, this is most definately a motherboard issue. The monitor has worked perfectly for me on multiple different units in the past, but with this new system I cannot get any signal (ie the light stays orange).

Do you get any image at all on screen during the boot process?
Have you got the system speaker connected and is there a BIOS beep code being issued?
Have you tried disconnecting everything except the processor, one stick of RAM and the front panel connectors, with the monitor connected to the onboard video socket? You should be able to boot and complete POST with just that.

I get no image at all..
I cannot see any speaker.. and I hear no beep.
I will try this later.
Thanks for replying :)

When you do report back next, please describe what you mean by "boot up". Booting up is more than just a led light working and a fan spinning.

There should be a small single speaker inside your case, and it should be connected to the cluster of pins the front panel connectors plug onto.

It turns on. As I said, fans spin, leds light up. I haven't seen a light on the motherboard, probably is though, where exactly is it mate?

And what the speaker look like? Cheers

(i will look now)

Do you hear the hard drive spin at all?

I suspect you may have the front panel connectors wrongly attached. Consult your motherboard manual and check. Try reversing the direction of connectors (still attached to the same pins of course) if they appear to be connected correctly. All should be facing the same direction.

Make sure you strip the system back to barebones as I've suggested, for troubleshooting. Other components can be connected one by one after you get the motherboard completing POST successfully.

I turned all the connectors the other way round (all the same way)Everything is the same except the HDD LED doesn't stay on. With is supposed to happen.

Got component specifications for that system?

For the whole system?

Pentium 4 Processor 2.4GHz
1024 Memory (2 512 PC2100 sticks)
Radeon 9200 128 MB
MSI Mainboard - 645E

If this is wrong sorry, I am PaddyRamsey's brother. Thanks.

When I mentioned a barebones system, by the way, I mean removing that display card and connecting the monitor to the onboard video. Just the RAM installed and nothing else. Case connectors and power supply attached. You should get POST information screens with that, and if you can't then a component may be faulty.

I sure hope you're switching off AND disconnecting the power before changing internal components. The motherboard will have power running through it even when the system is shut down, so the power cord must be removed. Changing components with power to the motherboard can damage it.

The monitor doesn't go into any on board, I have to use my AGP graphics card.
So what shall I remove now? Everything except graphics card, processor (fan) and ram?

Oh and I have taken the stuff not needed out, I see no light on my motherboard. Where should it be?

You'll only have a light on the motherboard if you have onboard LAN, for most motherboards.

I'll check the motherboard manual later, mate. It's 2 am here ;)

Ok cheers.

Nothing is working :( I'm very annoyed :(


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