So, we decide to have a LaN party. Everyting is going good. Until one more guy shows up. Well we all have to move pc's to make room. After getting one of my buddies pc's back hooked up, it freezes. It freezes during window's loading screen, with the blue horizontal scroll. Well naturally he wait about 10 minutes, the screen is still there. He the shut down the computer manually. Restarts, goes to safe mode. Then shuts down the computer. Then he turns it back on after about 5 minutes of waiting, and the screen freezes again. Of cource this cuases a viscous cycle. I have done my best of knowledge. It doesn't sound like the HDD to me because we can get into an account on safe mode.

I can always system restore if I need to, but I don't belive that will be nessessary. If you guys could help that would be great.

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maybe hes not getting enough power !!

No ... because it doesn't work this morning .... and its the only pc here on its own powerstrip.

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