we bought a computer from goodwill because were poor and right on the front it has a sticker that says "this computer is priogramed to delete all programs" and when you turn it on it says operation sytem not regonized what can we do for it to get it going :-|

Well sounds much like you would have to install an Operating System in the first place.
Did any software come with that computer ? Like WIndows 98/2000/XP ?

Most recycled computer have been erased to protect the previous owners.

You will need to install an operating system and locate drivers for the hardware.
(Motherboard, modem, video etc)

It is not as hard as it sounds and people here are eager to help you.

I would suggest you try a copy of 98se ...
Download a copy of everest home edition (Free) to help identify your hardware and we can go from there.

Good luck

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