I recently made a PC with some old parts some new parts i booted it up and it got to the windows xp loading screen and it restarted so i turned it off i turned it back on again and it stayed on the bios screen i turned it off and turned it on again and the screen didn't come on the CD drive did not open but the computer CPU fan turned on

is there any suggestions

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It would help if you provided a little more information, like what the components were?

Did you buy any chance add a hdd from another system to a different motherboard?

Intel celeron d lga775
ddr pc2 3200 2* 256mb
160gb sata hard drive
i took the working parts of an old dell machine and the motherboard and processor and case is new the other parts are from the dell
if you have any help please help dcc

bondi 007:)

uh oh. Please tell me you didnt use a dell PSU.

(Some older) Dell PSUs and Motherboards asre properiatary. They look like ATX but arent and can fry your rig.

when i bought he new case i got a psu with it that for the suggestion though

bondi 007:)

Gads!...getting information from you is like pulling teeth.

Specifically...what make and model of computer/s, case, PSU, dog house and cat box did you put together????

As jbennet has eluded to there are companies like Dell that use proprietary components so that you will have to go back to them for repairs. One of the problem here is that not only do they at times use a PSU made to their non standard ATX specs the 20 connector that attaches to the motherboard will have a different pin out which means that if you attach it to an ATX form factor motherboard it will create a short.

You still have not answered my question regarding taking a hdd from one machine and adding to a different motherboard. If you take a hdd out of one computer and put it into another with a different motherboard you can corrupt the OS.

foxcon motherboard
intel celeron d proccessor incfan
maxtor sata 160gb hard drive
colors it 20/24 pin psu and case
samsung ddr2 sdram 2* 256mb
dell ata100 cd drive

if the os was corrupted the screen would still come on to the bios wouldnt it?
and why is the cd drive have no power?
i appreciate you co-operation and your answers
bondi 007:)

yes, it would still post, wndows would just bluescreen.

try removing all drives and expansion cards apart from any you need to see whats going on (video card?) then boot it up. If it works then it means that you dont have enough juice.

ive got onboard graphics and the only thing ive got is hard drive cd drive and the main components do i have to take it apart then reconstruct it?

cheers for suggestion
bondi 007

It sounds like it could be a bad 12V rail, the four pin CPU 12V plug it looks like is working as the hsf is working. Take a voltmeter and see what you have for voltage on one of you molex connectors.

If you want to see what all of the different rails are reading try this. With the power switch in the off position on the PSU or with the cord unplugged from the AC outlet pull the 24 pin connector off of the motherboard and place a jumper between the green wire, there is only one, and any black wire. Now you can turn the PSU on and read the different voltages.

If you go to this site you will find the 20 pin connector color code for the different voltages, the 24 pin connector is on the second page. Click on where you see * ATX new power supply connector pinout v 2.x is a new ATX standard, use 24 pin connector.

first where can i get a volt meter
and when i connect the jumpers how do i get the readings i want
and could you tell me step by step because im only a begginer at a inside of a computer
cheers for your co-operation
bondi 007

first where can i get a volt meter
and when i connect the jumpers how do i get the readings i want
and could you tell me step by step because im only a begginer at a inside of a computer
cheers for your co-operation
bondi 007

You can purchase a volt ohm meter at Radio Shack, there should be some analog meters that you will need to learn how to read but are less expensive that the autoranging digital meters.

To read the different voltages you will take the black probe from the meter and insert it into any of the black wire sockets, they are all negatives. The link that I provided you with has the colors and their associated voltages, example...the yellow wire is the 12V wire, insert the red probe from the meter into that socket with the black probe in the black wire socket, with the meter set to read DC voltage read the meter.

If you would like to go the easier route you could purchase a tester like this antec for about fifteen US dollars, I don't think you will have any problem finding one if you not in the states.

i think i seen one of them in microdirect i will purchase one and let you know the result


P.S sorry for the double post

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