I'm not entirely sure if my graphics card has had it. Its a Radeon 9250 about 2.5 years old. When I got it, the onboard heatsink wasn't cutting it (pink and green blocks when playing DVDs occasionally, not to mention it was close to molten aluminium) so about a year ago I replaced it with a copper Zalman flower fan. That keeps it nice and cool.

Lately though my display hasn't been receiving an input when the PC is started up. Usually 2 restarts and the image comes through, but today it was a full 20 mins, requiring me to remove then replace the video card to get it to display anything.

Is this a sign its knackered?

Don't really fancy having to get a new card because its an AGP motherboard, so I may as well get a nice Intel Core 2 Duo and new mobo etc.... if I was upgrading.

Thanks for your time,


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Id say the card isn't broken yet, but it will be soon. you can try to delay the process by upgrading your drivers (especially Chipset drivers) but you know you want to buy a new computer, and id just do it while you have an excuse

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