okay whenever I play this rpg online based game I get this virtual memory low warning. and then this beep sound. And latley my computer has been freezing often. even if I'm just opening my applications offline or web surfing. especially whenever I web surf and try to open windows media player at the same time. I would get a not responding message. my computer seems to reallly slow down. I defrag every couple of days regularly. I even have the memory partialed. I just have fully scanned my whole computer with my anti virus. My anti virus found nothing. Anyways I used the system restore today. I'm still observing my computer. alot of people told me my computer speed is below average. what should I do? can I do something about the speed?

Intel(r) windows xp pro
version 2002
service pack2

Intel(r) Pentium(r)4 cpu 1.50ghz

video card
NVIDIA Geforce MX 4000

mother board

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I think you should try to uninstall some programs that you dont need, like all that free trial stuff and useless games that usually comes with a new pc. Also if your antivirus isnt up to date or doesnt scan some parts of your computer (like the boot sector) viruses can just slip past. On the other hand, a pc upgrade isnt such a bad idea...maybe some more ram could do the trick?


How much RAM is currently installed on your PC? He's right, try upgrading your RAM,. Maybe the game that you are playing requires bigger amount of memory.....


oh I see, I had 128mb of ram. Looks like I'll need to upgrade that.


Also virus' aren't the only possibility have you tried using programs Like Spyboy Search and Destory or Adaware, sometimes an adware or spyware problem might slow things down, but probably the biggest thing is your PC. More RAM would definitely help.

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